Friday, January 13, 2012


Talking about writing and writing are two very different things. No doubt it's enjoyable to talk about writing. Favorite books, authors, bookstores are easy topics for folks interested in writing. But talk is cheap. Aspiring writers don't have to invest their imaginations or their souls. Within these discussions, though, there are insights into the world of letters that those who desire to write can take away. In shared words and shared stories there is a sense of community waiting. Writing is what it takes to be a writer. There is no way around that fact. Those engaged in this process understand this very well, but they know better than anyone that this is just the beginning. What lies beyond the written pages, the short stories, the novella, the novel is a culture, a business, a lifestyle that could use a little illumination. The stories, essays, and interviews gathered here from and with authors, editors, publishers and booksellers are a peek behind the curtain, a peek that will answer some questions and undoubtedly raise others.

I wrote my debut fiction collection, Carry Each His Burden, a year ago and self-published it six months ago. Since then I have had the the good fortune and guilty pleasure to observe both established and aspiring writers, to hear their stories, gain their insights, and have come to know them, their work, and their journeys. The generosity of spirit within this community has been nothing short of amazing and I am happy to share some of what I have had the privilege to be a part of via this blog.

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